Patient Stories






This patient is a single mother and has just lost her job due to COVID-19 and is caring for her 21 year old daughter who is a full time student. Unfortunately, she was just diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time and is struggling to pay for her daily living expenses.
Zaching Against Cancer provided her with financial assistance to use towards gas so she wouldn’t have to worry about getting back and fourth to her treatments. We are so grateful that we were able to take a little weight off her shoulders while she navigates through this tough time.
We were notified by one of our partnering social workers that she encountered a stage 4 lung cancer patient with metastasis to her brain was sleeping in her car. She would park at her aunts house and had use of their bathroom facilities but the house was too crowded to provide her with a bed to sleep in. She has been waiting patiently for her social security and disability to take affect.
ZACF immediately took action and provided this patient with hotel accommodations including a hot breakfast so she would have a clean, safe place to rest while going through cancer treatments. It’s amazing what the “little things” can do.
This patient is four years old and battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. He is one of five siblings who’s dad is the sole provider and has been furloughed due to coronavirus. 
Having less of an income, a child with cancer, and having to take COVID-19 precautions one could only imagine the stress this family is going through. Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide this family with financial support for their electric bill to help them focus on what matters most. #weeklypatientstory
This patient was working as a truck driver as he began to realize some back pains which lead to back surgery. Unfortunately, he then learned the back pains were being caused by cancer. While he was going through chemotherapy he continued to drive for Uber but had to stop due to side effects and beginning radiation. He is currently not working and neither is his wife, all while taking care of their three kids. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide them with financial assistance to use towards food, household items, and other necessities to help them get through these tough times and take a little bit of weight off of their shoulders. 
This 25 year old patient was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer and was able to preserve his fertility. During this time, he also lost his job due to the pandemic leaving him considering backing out of preservation because of the cost. 
Luckily, he was able to continue the process as Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide financial assistance to pay for his fertility bill. We are so grateful we were able to help him continue to plan for his future. #weeklypatientstory
This patient and their significant other do not drive and take Maryland MA Medical Transport or ACS Road to Recovery. He frequently has appointments that are scheduled without advanced notice as required by MD MA Medical Transport, however due to the coronavirus ACS Road to Recovery rides have been suspended. 
The patient can secure a ride with a relative but finances are very tight when it comes to paying for gas. The Zaching Against Cancer Foundationprovided them with financial assistance to use towards getting to their appointments and back during this tough time.
This patient is battling stage 4 colon cancer and had his anniversary coming up with his wife. They wanted to do something special to celebrate and bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives. ZACF was able to send them to their local IPIC theater where they enjoyed a movie and dinner to have a nice relaxing, romantic night. 
Within two weeks while in treatment their hot water tank broke. With the help from our community Ferguson Enterprises was able to provide us with a brand new hot water tank and The Frosty Refrigeration Co., Inc.installed it free of charge. 
We are so grateful that ZACF was able to take care of this for them with the help of two great companies. Together we can make a difference 💪❤💪 #weeklypatientstory
This patient is in need of assistance with her COBRA insurance payment, which she desperately needs in order to get her daily hydro baric Chamber treatments. Her insurance is taking care of half of the payment, however, she is left with the rest. Due to financial limitations she is unable to pay this remaining balance leaving a lot of weight on her shoulders. 
The Zaching Against Cancer Foundation was able to provide financial assistance towards the remaining of her balance so she can get back to focusing on her health and getting the treatment she needs. #weeklypatientstory
This patient hasn’t had it easy. She is battling brain and lung cancer, and to make matters worse she has found herself in a homeless situation. She receives social security disability but does not get the funding for the next several days. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide her with hotel accommodations until she received her funding. It is so important to be in a warm place with a comfortable bed while going through cancer treatments. #weeklypatientstory
This patient is battling breast cancer and is suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy. Due to financial limitations she is not able to purchase a wig. 
Feeling good about yourself while going through treatment can make all the difference. Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide her with funds to purchase a wig of her choice, wanting to make sure she felt confident and most like herself while going through this tough time. #weeklypatientstory
This young patient is a lovely man living with his fiancé and their four year old son. He recently had severe cancer progression and his melanoma, spread to his lungs, brain and bones. He cannot work due to treatments and his fiancé had to quit her job to be his main caregiver. 
He is running out of treatment options and his doctors have recommended all organic food to better control his symptoms. Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide him with financial assistance to purchase the healthy food to help control his symptoms.
This patient is living with her adult daughter and her granddaughter. The patients daughter is trying hard to keep everyone fed and sheltered but the added medical expenses are really starting to pile up.
Being a caregiver is nothing short of easy and she is having an increasingly hard time dealing with her financial hardships. Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide her with financial help towards groceries and necessities to take some weight off of her shoulders and allow her to focus on her mother and daughter, as well as herself.
This patient is in his twenties and battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He is staying in a lodge near the hospital while he receives his treatment. The hotel room is so dry that it is causing him to suffer from severe allergies. Due to financial hardships he cannot purchase a humidifier to alleviate his discomfort. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide him with a humidifier to make him more comfortable in between treatments and during his stay. The little things really do make a big difference. 💪💪
This patient does not speak English and has two children. She has no means of transportation and states she has no family support. She has been working seasonally as a housekeeper at a resort hotel, however, she anticipates that she is not going to be able to work consistently during her treatment. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide her with financial assistance to alleviate financial stressors and assist with household incidentals, food and needs of her children. 💪💪
This patient is currently at subacute rehab following a hospital stay. She requires a wheelchair van to return to the hospital for a procedure but her insurance does not cover the transportation. 
Due to financial limitations her family is unable to pay for the transportation out of pocket. Zaching Against Cancer was able to cover the roundtrip wheelchair transportation so she could make it to her procedure and back with no complications. 
The little things make a big difference 💪💪
This patient is from Mexico with two dependent children. She has recently been diagnosed with a recurrence of Glioblastoma making her unable to work and causing many financial burdens. 
Her biggest worry is being able to provide for her children, put food on the table, and have the necessities that they need. Zaching Against Cancer was able to alleviate some of her stress by providing her family with financial assistance to put towards groceries and toiletries while she focuses on her treatment. 💪💪
This patient was recently hospitalized for a stem cell transplant, his wife had to relocate to another state for a job opportunity providing an increase in salary and improved benefits. Unfortunately, she was not able to take their sons
with her due to their school schedule causing expenses such as groceries and other essentials to become a financial burden. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to help financially assist them with groceries and other necessities that will take some of the weight off of his shoulders and alleviate financial stress. 💪💪
This patient is getting ready to have a bone marrow transplant and is being required to have the air ducts in her house cleaned beforehand, due to possible mold. She is tight on money making this task hard to do. Zaching Against Cancer was able to pay for the cleaning service so she can move forward with her transplant and come home to clean, healthy air. 💪💪
This mother is the sole provider for 5 children under the age of 18. Unfortunately, one of her children has recently relapsed causing her to have to take off work while caring for her daughter. 
Being a mother and a caregiver isn’t easy and is causing her a lot of financial stress. Zaching Against Cancer was able to help this mother by paying Pepco electric bill, allowing her to focus on what matters most.💪💪
Being a mother and having cancer is extremely difficult. This mom was recently diagnosed with gastric cancer while taking care of her three children. Her money is tight leaving her worried about putting food on the table for her kids. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to give her financial assistance to help with groceries and other essential needs, to give her a peace of mind for caring for her children so she can focus on her health and treatments. 💪💪
This patient is suffering from metastatic breast cancer and is very unsteady on her feet. She lives alone while her husband works in another state and her two children are away at college. Her friends will occasionally come stay with her but when they’re not there she struggles with getting around. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide her with a rotator walker to make getting around the house safer and easier on her. The little things truly do make a big difference. 💪💪
This patient has relapsed metastatic osteosarcoma and has recently returned from a long, stressful radiation treatment. The tumor was resolved but shortly after, another tumor developed on the other side of her head leaving her hesitant to undergo radiation again. 
Her birthday is coming up and her one wish is to get manicures with some of her closest friends. Her mom is hopeful that a great birthday party will be very beneficial to her quality of life.
Zaching Against Cancer was able to send her and some of her friends to the salon of their choice for manicures followed by dinner at Friday’s. Her mom left us a note saying “Thank you so much for making this one of the best birthday’s for Kenyah ❤️” We are so grateful to have had a part in her birthday and to help make her wish come true. 💪💪
While trying to beat cancer it is not easy to hold onto a job and go into work on a daily basis. This patient is battling stage three cervical cancer and is unable to work due to recent oncology surgery causing them to struggle to make ends meet with their rent.
Their son has been able to help them in the past but Zaching Against Cancer stepped up this time and was able to pay off their rent so she could get back to focusing on beating her cancer and taking care of herself. 💪💪
This patient is suffering from stage four rectal cancer, has a very limited income and runs out of money every month. Her prognosis is not good and her one wish is to go to Outback Steakhouse to taste a Bloomin’ Onion.
Zaching Against Cancer provided her and her husband with an Outback gift card to have a date night, enjoy their time together and finally taste the Bloomin’ Onion. This allowed them to take some time to forget about their stressors and enjoy their time together over a nice dinner. 💪💪
This patient has metastatic colon cancer and lives alone. His family lives in Bangladesh leaving him with very little in home support. 
Unfortunately, he is experiencing some side effects from treatment and is unable to cook for himself. His social worker is working with his wife on getting her a visa to come to the US so she can help take care of him and be there for emotional support. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide him with financial support to help with toiletries and food while he goes through this tough time. We are hopeful that his wife will arrive soon as that is just what he needs. 💪💙
This 23 year old is battling stage 4 renal cell carcinoma with metastases to the lungs, liver, kidney, lymph nodes and brain. He is currently living with his grandmother, and he typically contributes money to cover costs of monthly bills. He is having difficulty paying for his monthly expenses which is adding even more stress onto him because he already feels he’s a burden to his grandma. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to pay off his Xfinity bill and Pepco bill to help take some of the weight off of his shoulders and let him focus on his treatment and his special relationship with his grandmother. 💪💪
This patient has stage 3 head and neck cancer. Along with this diagnosis he is also struggling financially. He has fallen behind on car insurance since he has been unable to work for several months and has no disability or money coming in other than his wife’s income. 
He will be receiving disability in a couple months but until that time several bills are becoming delinquent. Zaching Against Cancer was able to pay off his car insurance, to help take some of the weight off of his shoulders during this difficult time 💪💪
This sweet 13 year old boy was diagnosed with a high grade brain tumor. His treatment included surgery, radiation therapy and oral chemotherapy. His mother is a single parent with a very limited income. She is currently behind on two months of rental payment and is struggling with her Verizon bill as they need Internet for his home and hospital teaching. 
Zaching Against Cancer was able to take care of their rent and Verizon bill so this mother can get back to focusing on her son. We are so grateful we were able to bring some relief to this mother and her son. 💪💪
This 10 year old patient recently underwent significant surgery with a lengthy hospitalization. He is one of three siblings leaving his parents very busy. 
Both parents were unable to work due to caring for him and his little sisters. Zaching Against Cancer was able to pay off their car payment that they have been struggling with. This little thing was able to make such a big difference for this family. It enabled them to focus all their attention on their children during this tough time. 💪💪

Last Sunday for the Ravens vs. Broncos game we had the honor of helping a patient cross off a bucket list item of theirs. Let me bring you back to the beginning…]We were contacted about a man who is currently going through pancreatic cancer, has completed chemo and will be going through therapy and radiation.

One of his dreams was to be on the sidelines of a Ravens game. Thanks to our board member Paul D’Amore Zaching was able to provide him with 4 tickets to the Ravens/Broncos game and 4 tickets to Back Yard Bash. Still eager to get him on the sidelines we got in contact with the Ravens Community Outreach who provided a sideline experience during the warm ups and Ravens staff came to his seat and dropped off some Ravens swag. Zaching also provided a parking pass.

We were so honored to be apart of this experience and to make a bucket list item come true. We could not have done this without the help of the community and could not appreciate it more. 💪🏈






A social worker has recently come to us regarding a patient who has stage four oral cancer and can only eat tube food. He is experiencing financial issues while being unemployed and cannot pay for the proper nutrition needed.

His main source of nutrition is Jevity which his insurance does not cover. Zaching Against Cancer has been requested to supply him with 3 cases of Jevity to hold him off while he awaits for medicaid coverage.

We were so pleased that we were able to help him obtain the proper nutrients he needed to help his body stay strong during treatment. Cancer is already tough as it is but not having the proper resources can make it all the more difficult. 💪


A social worker recently approached us about a patient who has endometrial cancer. She has not been able to work since the beginning of 2018 when she was diagnosed. Her husband is her main caregiver which has resulted in him not being able to work as often. These circumstances made it very difficult for them to pay rent and utility bills which lead them to being evicted.

The couple was staying in a motel the night that we were contacted and were planning on staying in their car for a few nights while they figured out living arrangements. Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide this couple with 5 nights in a hotel room along with a free hot breakfast until they got their living arrangements secured.

This patient could not have been more thankful that an organization was able to help them as they were going to have to sleep in their car. We were so pleased that we were able to help this couple have a warm place to stay while they figured out their next move. 💪💪

A social worker has come to us concerned about a cancer patient who has been having weight loss issues. This patient has continued to lose a lot of weight and financially is not able to buy much for himself.

He is a retired fire fighter and has recently been helped to get an apartment after previously being homeless. By having financial assistance this will increase the patients ability to eat. Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide him with a Walmart gift card to purchase food.

When one is diagnosed with cancer it is extremely important to have a healthy diet. We are so pleased that we were able to help this patient achieve this and get his weight back up. 💪💪

A social worker brought to our attention a patient who was recently diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. We have also come to find out his wife has brain cancer, he has a child who is autistic, and to make matters worse he just lost his job.

This patient has been having a lot of concerns about caring for his family and how he is going to continue to provide for them while being unemployed. Not only is he unemployed but he does not have family and friends that are able to help him provide for for his family. He is too ill to find a new job at this time and is experiencing financial limitations. The social worker has requested a gift card to Walmart for him to use on food and other essential items.

Fortunately, Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide a Walmart gift card to this patient. You never know what is going on under ones roof and to know that we made this families life even a little easier is so heartwarming. 💪💪

A social worker has recently notified us about a married couple who unfortunately both have stage 4 colon cancer and are going through chemotherapy.

They are experiencing a lot of concern due to their finances. In order to receive their treatment they are driving from Pennsylvania to Maryland which is costing them a fortune in gas expenses. Their social worker had requested a gas gift card which we were able to provide to this lovely couple.

We cannot imagine what they are going through considering they are each others caregivers through this difficult time. We are so humbled that we were able to help them with the little things that make the weight on their shoulders a little less heavy. 💪💪

We were recently informed about a three year old boy with relapsed retinoblastoma. When he was two months old he was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma and both eyes were enucleated in 2016.Unfortunately his disease has relapsed and he is now admitted to undergo autologous bone marrow transplant. He is currently living with his parents in a basement that they rent out. His mother is his full time caregiver and therefore does not work outside the home. The family has very limited resources and has requested help with gas along with a Walmart gift-card.Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide this family with a Walmart gift card to assist with groceries and household needs, as well as a gas card for transportation. We cannot express enough how grateful we are to be able to assist these patients and their families while getting through these difficult times. 💪💪

Recently a social worker came to us regarding a patient who was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. She has been experiencing insurance issues which has caused a delay in her treatment. She had recently finished chemo but unfortunately she had an extended hospital stay for pneumonia.She had previously been working as a cook in a restaurant but due to treatment she has been unable to do so. She will be getting her breast cancer surgery followed by radiation which will continue to delay her going back to work. In order to relieve some of her financial burdens we were asked to assist her in paying her rent for the month, which we were able to do.

We are so incredibly grateful that we were able to help this patient and make life even a little bit easier on her. Cancer can take a huge toll on every day life obstacles and being able to do a little thing like paying rent can take so much stress off one.


We recently had a patient come to us who has been diagnosed with recurrent metastatic osteosarcoma. His medical treatment included chemotherapy, surgery, as well as his leg having to be amputated.With the difficult circumstances he is going through, he is not able to return to work due to lengthy hospitalization, chemotherapy, pain management, and other health concerns. 
He will also eventually require impatient rehab due to his amputation.

On top of everything this patient is going through, he has very limited resources making everyday payments tough. He had a monthly car payment that Zaching Against Cancer was able to pay off of $506. We are so grateful that we were able to help take a little bit of stress off this patients shoulders through this difficult time in his life