A social worker brought to our attention a patient who was recently diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. We have also come to find out his wife has brain cancer, he has a child who is autistic, and to make matters worse he just lost his job.

This patient has been having a lot of concerns about caring for his family and how he is going to continue to provide for them while being unemployed. Not only is he unemployed but he does not have family and friends that are able to help him provide for for his family. He is too ill to find a new job at this time and is experiencing financial limitations. The social worker has requested a gift card to Walmart for him to use on food and other essential items.

Fortunately, Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide a Walmart gift card to this patient. You never know what is going on under ones roof and to know that we made this families life even a little easier is so heartwarming. 💪💪



A social worker has recently notified us about a married couple who unfortunately both have stage 4 colon cancer and are going through chemotherapy.

They are experiencing a lot of concern due to their finances. In order to receive their treatment they are driving from Pennsylvania to Maryland which is costing them a fortune in gas expenses. Their social worker had requested a gas gift card which we were able to provide to this lovely couple.

We cannot imagine what they are going through considering they are each others caregivers through this difficult time. We are so humbled that we were able to help them with the little things that make the weight on their shoulders a little less heavy. 💪💪



We were recently informed about a three year old boy with relapsed retinoblastoma. When he was two months old he was diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma and both eyes were enucleated in 2016.Unfortunately his disease has relapsed and he is now admitted to undergo autologous bone marrow transplant. He is currently living with his parents in a basement that they rent out. His mother is his full time caregiver and therefore does not work outside the home. The family has very limited resources and has requested help with gas along with a Walmart gift-card.Zaching Against Cancer was able to provide this family with a Walmart gift card to assist with groceries and household needs, as well as a gas card for transportation. We cannot express enough how grateful we are to be able to assist these patients and their families while getting through these difficult times. 💪💪

Recently a social worker came to us regarding a patient who was diagnosed with stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. She has been experiencing insurance issues which has caused a delay in her treatment. She had recently finished chemo but unfortunately she had an extended hospital stay for pneumonia.She had previously been working as a cook in a restaurant but due to treatment she has been unable to do so. She will be getting her breast cancer surgery followed by radiation which will continue to delay her going back to work. In order to relieve some of her financial burdens we were asked to assist her in paying her rent for the month, which we were able to do.

We are so incredibly grateful that we were able to help this patient and make life even a little bit easier on her. Cancer can take a huge toll on every day life obstacles and being able to do a little thing like paying rent can take so much stress off one.



We recently had a patient come to us who has been diagnosed with recurrent metastatic osteosarcoma. His medical treatment included chemotherapy, surgery, as well as his leg having to be amputated.With the difficult circumstances he is going through, he is not able to return to work due to lengthy hospitalization, chemotherapy, pain management, and other health concerns. 
He will also eventually require impatient rehab due to his amputation.

On top of everything this patient is going through, he has very limited resources making everyday payments tough. He had a monthly car payment that Zaching Against Cancer was able to pay off of $506. We are so grateful that we were able to help take a little bit of stress off this patients shoulders through this difficult time in his life