Carolyn ZambrelloWhy Massachusetts?

The Little Things for Cancer – Massachusetts Chapter is directed by Kimberly Schuerhoff in honor and memory of her beautiful sister Carolyn Zambrello.

Carolyn was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer in May, 2010.  After one year and ten months at a tender young age of 28, she lost her fight against cancer.  Throughout her life and through her cancer battle Carolyn always remained a true inspiration to evereyone who knew her. She donated her time and energy to supporting and raising money for other young adults fighting similar diseases and up until she was too sick to do so, she continued to reach out to help others. It was Carolyn’s attitude and courage that has inspired Kimberly to continue her legacy of making a difference in the lives of others affected by cancer.

Throughout Carolyn’s illness it fell upon close family members and friends to make sure that all “The Little Things”  in Carolyn’s life were being taken care of. For them, it was a life altering experience to be there with her every step of the way. It was a true eye opener to realize how essential her tightly knit family was. It was only after her passing that Kimberly stopped to realize that not everybody out there fighting cancer is so fortunate to have the support of loved ones to see to it that everyday needs were met.

The week of Carolyn’s memorial service Kimberly received a card in the mail from “The Little Things for Cancer” stating that the founder, Wendy Letow and her husband Larry had made a donation in honor of Carolyn’s memory.  Kimberly  immediately knew that this organization would be how she would continue to help others while keeping her sisters’ memory alive. So began The Little Things for Cancer’s journey into Massachusetts.

Serving Lahey Hospital & Medical Center

The Little Things for Cancer serves patients and their caregivers being treated at the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center where Carolyn was treated for her cancer. This hospital will be the first of what we hope to be of the many hospitals we will serve in the Massachusetts area in honor and memory of our friend Carolyn Zambrello.