“I want the world to be a better place because I was here.”

At the age of 18, University of Maryland freshman Zachary Lederer was diagnosed with brain cancer for the second time in his young life. In January 2012, after surgery to resect a brain tumor, Zach asked his dad to take a picture of him making a strongman pose to show friends and family that he would be just fine. The picture quickly went viral and others hopped on board in making the pose called “Zaching,” sending their pictures to Zach to post online. Since January, thousands of pictures have been received. Through the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation, we hope to further spread support and strength to others battling cancer and all those connected to cancer patients.


Zach attended the University of Maryland where he served as a manager on the Terps basketball team. His strength and determination during his second round of brain cancer was an inspiration not only for the team, but for Coach Turgeon and Zach’s fellow managers. The talented video staff at the University produced the following videos to help spread Zach’s message of #livingthedream.

About the Zaching Against Cancer Foundation

Zaching Against Cancer Foundation (ZACF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation established to provide support to cancer patients and their support networks through scholarships, research and outreach. Money raised by ZACF goes toward several college scholarships, an internship and donation to cancer research and outreach organizations. Visit our Scholarships, Internships and Helping Others pages to learn more.